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Cowl neck Renfrews

Howdy! It’s been a while, but I still have lots to share with you so let’s jump straight in…

In my last post I shared my first Sewaholic Renfrew with you, there’s no doubt that this pattern has now become a firm favourite of mine – I’ve made many, many different versions. In this post I’d like to share the cowl neck Renfrews I’ve made. This neck line option was a big part of why I was drawn to the pattern in the first place and it also turns out to be the easiest of the necklines to sew, win!

My cowl neck Renfrew tops

First up was this 3/4 length sleeve version using a lightweight cotton jersey. It looks like a solid colour from a distance, but up close you can see narrow stripes with a bit of sparkle.

Oatmeal and gold stripe 3/4 sleeve Renfrew cowl top

I then moved on to a couple of long sleeve versions in solid colour viscose jerseys. These have proved perfect for work etc as they have a more dressy look than regular jersey tops but are still super comfy!

Sky blue long sleeve cowl neck Renfrew top

First was this blue version. I like my sleeves nice and long but have long arms so replaced the pattern cuffs with longer ones, lovely and snuggly 🙂

Purple long sleeve cowl neck Renfrew top

For the purple one I changed the sleeve cuffs a little more so that they are wider over the hand than at the wrist. This feels pretty perfect to me now as the cuff contours nicely over my wrist and hand. The slightly wider diameter at the end also works very well if I get a bit warm and want to turn up the cuffs.

Navy and white 3/4 sleeve cowl neck Renfrew top

And more recently I’ve made a couple more of the 3/4 sleeve variety, lengthening the sleeve a bit for these as the cuff on the first one can get a little uncomfortable sitting right on my elbow. I only made these last autumn so they haven’t had a lot of wear yet as it is rare that I don’t go for long sleeves in the winter, but I’m looking forward to wearing them more now that spring is on its way.

Gold and green stripe 3/4 sleeve cowl neck Renfrew top

These 2 were made with better quality fabric than the others – as I’ve gotten more confident with my sewing I am now happy to pay more for fabric as I want my garments to last. The navy and white is a lovely soft viscose from Sew Over It, doesn’t look like they have it any more I’m afraid (it had been in my stash for a while). The stripey one is a modal from Guthrie and Ghani – I’d not sewn with modal before, but boy am I converted – this is exceptionally soft.

So that’s my collection of cowl Renfrews, nearly enough for each day of the week! Not so many bloggers talk about the Renfrew pattern any more, but I still love it and consider it my default t-shirt and jersey top pattern. Have you made any Renfrews? Or do you have another favourite pattern that was released years ago but that you still keep reaching for?

Hello again

Hi there! Its been a while…

Despite being very quiet in these parts I’ve still been sewing up a storm over the last year and am excited to share my progress with you.

I’ve been mostly focused on sewing every day clothes and have to say I’m loving that I now wear at least one me made item a day as a result. In order for this to become a reality I had to take the leap into sewing with jersey and I love it!

As so many people say, it really isn’t difficult and wish I hadn’t let fear/apprehension hold me back. If anything I’d say sewing clothes with jersey is bit easier than with woven fabrics, especially for getting started as the fitting process is so much easier – gotta love that stretch!

First Renfrew top front view

So here’s my first jersey make – the Renfrew top by Sewaholic. A pattern that I brought very early in my sewing adventures as I couldn’t resist the cowl option. The fabric is from Girl Charlee although I can’t see it on the website anymore, I think it is a cotton, viscose and spandex mix and is lovely and soft.

I started with the short sleeve scoop neck version to minimise fabric use while checking the fit. As I’m tall I lengthened the top, but don’t think I needed to as it has come out longer that I like for t shirts, so took that length away again for the next version. It took a few goes to get the neckband on without any puckers, but got there in the end and am pretty happy with it for a first attempt.

Spoiler alert, you’ll be seeing a lot more of this pattern from me!

First Renfrew top back view

First Renfrew top