Another crochet minion

Kevin the minion became an instant hit in my family, but we didn’t want him to get lonely or bored so meet his friend, Ed:

Crochet minion front view

Crochet minion side view

This minion was much quicker to make as I’d already figured out the basic pattern with Kevin.  It was easy to shorten his body to be “regular” minion size.  After threading through his hair I gave him gradually shorter haircuts until the length seemed right.  Then there was only a little trial and error to get his bigger, single eye looking good.

Crochet minions

Kevin looks happy to have a friend!  The minions are proving quite popular, so I’ll be making some more variations, but for now I’ll leave you with Kevin and Ed having a little explore…

Crochet minions and horse ornament

Crochet minions in flowers

Crochet minions

Crochet minions

Crochet minions

Crochet minions and house

5 thoughts on “Another crochet minion

  1. Ha! I am loving the minions adventure in the garden – this could be the start of a whole new monthly feature on your blog!
    Welcome to the family Ed.
    I am looking forward to who will be next! I think we need a girl minion to shake things up a bit!

    1. It seems you’ve been reading my mind, I’ve been having so much fun with the minion photos that I can definitely imagine a regular “minion adventures” feature!
      Mum has requested a girl minion, so you guys are on the same wavelength 🙂

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