It’s a girl!

Having made minions for my dad and brother (here, here and here), I of course also had to make one for my mum.  Mum requested a girl minion, so meet Anna:

Anna minion front view

After a few discussions about how best to dress her, we agreed that she should wear the same practical clothing as the boys (don’t want her to miss out on any of the fun!).  So to give her a feminine touch, I sewed on some eyelashes and gave her long hair.  It was quite fun researching the different ways to create amigurumi hair.  I’m pleased with the option I went for.  It started out much longer and she got gradual hair cuts until it felt about right.

Anna minion side view

Otherwise, making her was the same as the other minions so I’ll just leave you with photos from the minions’ trip to a nearby country house:

Minions and mushroom

Minions at Uppark

Minions on a wire

Minions in sculpture

Minions in a tree

Minions outside dolls house

Minions in dolls house

Minions in ladder

Minions in beer cellar

6 thoughts on “It’s a girl!

  1. Super cute! I love those little yellow guys (and girl).
    Was really nice catching up with you today. Good luck with your new garments – the fabric you selected was lovely and the lining will make it super sleek!

    1. Thank you 🙂
      Your designs are super cute and the monsters pattern was very clear to follow – I’ve been recommending them to friends who want to get started with amigurumi

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