Knitted mittens

Despite the warm sunny weather we’ve been having in London, it is time to share some of my knitting with you!

For the past few years most of my knitting has been self drafted, which has meant slow projects and these mittens were no exception.


The mittens were made for a lovely friend of mine who is often doing sweet, thoughtful things for me so I wanted to make her something as a way of giving back. We picked out the yarn at John Lewis (Sirdar Montana double knitting shade 0200), I took a few measurements, she told me the kind of style she liked then I set to work.

I’ve made myself some gloves before which thankfully were about the right size for her so I could use that pattern as a rough base. There was still quite a bit of unpicking and reworking though as I experimented with the shaping and also to get a nice colour distribution since using the yarn as is would have resulted in a much longer green section.

Shamefully I have to admit that these were finished a winter later than intended, but my friend was very patient and grateful when they were finally complete. Their first outing was a walk through the London royal parks on a pretty cold winter day so we warmed up with some yummy hot chocolate after 🙂

mittens and hot chocolate

2 thoughts on “Knitted mittens

  1. These look great. The colours look wonderful together – what a lucky friend!
    I haven’t really knitted anything since my days as an art student in the ’90’s so I always am amazed at what you can create with some wool and knitting needles.

    1. Thanks Caroline, my friend has a good eye for colours!
      I’ve had phases of dipping in and out of knitting since I was a child. I enjoy the spatial design challenge (and possibilities!) of creating with both knitting and crochet, plus love the fact that if it is not right you can unpick and try again without wasting any yarn.

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